It is that time of year once again, where the youth will be making and selling pizzas. Forms were handed out last night at bible studies. This is a fundraiser for the teens themselves, a small portion of the profits go to supplement the cost of YC for everyone (YC is a large youth convention that happens in Red Deer in May) and a small portion goes to support our 3 sponsor children that we have as a youth group. The rest goes into the youth bank account divided up amongst the sellers based on how much they sold, totals are then given to you the parents and this can help supplement the cost of some of our larger more expensive events, you can choose when to and for what to spend that fundraised money on. Please make sure that the buyer and sellers names are filled out and that you collect money for the pizza's that you sell prior to handing in the forms. 

All forms must be in no later than October 24th (2 weeks less 1 day from now) so that I have time to order supplies. Pizza's will be handmade by the youth November 9th and ready to be delivered. You will be responsible to deliver the pizza's that you have sold to your buyers. Your students may hand forms and money to Julie at the library or to me at the church or at a youth event. Julie will also have a few blank pizza forms if you do not have a printer, they can be picked up from her there. As always... any questions, just shoot me a message. 

Youth Pizza Fundraiser 2018 (pdf)


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